During his angry outburst in a media address last Friday (Jan 6), Law Minister K Shanmugam claimed that Aljunied is the only place in Singapore the Government is not-in-charge of:

“In contrast to the only place where this Government is not in charge, in that one place, first you have people appointing their cronies to run the Town Council. You have town councillors being misled on the terms that these cronies were appointed. Transparency? Investigations? Their own auditor’s report says they refuse to give information on the conflicts of interest.”

The comment has since warranted comments online including several residents from Aljunied asking the Law Minister if they are exempted to taxes and from National Service.

It is not the first time Minister K Shanmugam has his foot in his mouth again. In Sep 2016, Minister K Shanmugam committed contempt of court by prematurely commenting on a case undergoing police investigation. Although members of the public called out his culpability, the Singapore Police did not take any action against the minister.  Also in Sep 2016, the Law Minister prematurely concurred that an independent presidential candidate is disqualified when the law was not even passed. In August 2016, Minister K Shanmugam told the United Kingdom that Singaporeans does not want free speech.