Photo from Tiffany Goh Straits Times

Speaking at a public forum held at the National University of Singapore today (Jan 7), Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong waxed lyrical about values to survive in the “new world”:

“Following a year marked by disruption, having humility, staying hungry and being human are key traits to have to thrive in this new world. Being humble means putting effort to learn and develop deep skills and capabilities, while staying hungry requires Singaporeans to step out of their comfort zones and seize opportunities here and abroad. But at the heart of it is about maintaining the human touch and connection, as technology can never replace the human spirit.”

Joining Minister Lawrence Wong in the forum are ruling party elites like Straits Times’s editor Warren Fernadez. The 154th-ranking news editor said that “established companies” like his Straits Times need to stay nimble to cope with fast-changing development today. Double-hatting as the leading state propagandist, Straits Times Editor Warren Fernandez claimed that it is important of teaching the young history to better “understand our future”.

When questioned by a student on how the Singapore government will handle the future, Minister Lawrence Wong claimed that the authoritarian government will take a “consultative approach” when it comes to future planning.