Photo of Supreme Court from Supreme Court

After arranging a meet-up from a 13-year-old girl on Facebook, 4 Singapore gangsters gang-raped her. The heinous crime took place in December 2013 at one of the gang member’s flat in Block 623 Senja Road. The victim lodged a police report only on 5 July 2014.

Gang member Tan Wei Guang, now 19, knew the victim from Facebook and arranged to meet up with the girl because she confessed her feelings for him. His gang leader, Koh Rong Guang, now 24, phoned the girl to meet his gang of 4 near Yew Tee Foodfare Food Court in December 2013. Koh Rong Guang then took her away to rape her in the presence of the other 3 gang members.

On another occasion, the victim went looking for Tan Wei Guang at a basketball court in Bukit Panjang who was with two gang member Alson Tan Yu Seng, 18 and another friend Bryan Ong Jing Chong, 18. The 4 of them then went to Alson’s flat in Block 623 Senja Road and Alson Tan raped the girl while the other two held her down.

District Judge Mathew Joseph called for a Reformative Training report and postponed his sentencing on Alson Tan Yu Seng, commenting that he was a minor when the crime was committed.