Photo from TPCKL

Following the announcement of the land acquisition of Raffles Country Club (RCC) for the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR), RCC members spoke to media reporters complaining about the loss of their golf course. RCC’s General Committee president Paul Singh said:

“Obviously we’re deeply disappointed to hear the news. I think we will work with the authorities to make sure we deal with them fairly, if there’s any compensation.”

RCC member, Maria Teo, a retiree in her 40s:
“I was expecting only a portion of the land to be used for this development… Do they really need so much land?”

Singapore Professional Golfer’s Association president M. Murugiah said he was “very sad” to hear the new:
“Golfers here will have to go to Johor or Batam to play instead as more clubs close.”

According to the Singapore Land Authority, RCC is the “most suitable location to run at-grade tracks immediately after the bridge”, and will be acquired by 31 July 2018. The 143 hectare site is the second golf course to be closed following the closure of Jurong Country Club on 31 Dec 2016.

Photo from LTA

RCC was first opened in 1988 and membership fees is around S$32,000 to S$33,000. There are 2,650 existing RCC members and they are looking forward to compensation from the Singapore government, which will likely price the compensation at market value.