Photo of Supreme Court from Supreme Court

A 66-year-old Briton pedophile who works as a reading specialist teacher in a private school was jailed 18 months and 6 weeks yesterday (Jan 3) for molesting two 8-year-old girls in school.

Between 16 Sep 2014 and mid-December 2014, Ian Lewis admitted to touching a girl inappropriately under the table during lessons on multiple occasions. The girl kept quiet as she was afraid and confided to her mother only a year later in July 2015, after watching an episode of Crime Watch which enacted a similar molest case.

In March 2015, Ian Lewis also molested another girl during lesson. Ian Lewis arrived in Singapore in 2010, and started working at the private school in 2012.

As Ian Lewis is above the age of 50, he could not be caned and instead have to serve 6 weeks’ in lieu of the 3 strokes of caning sentenced in addition to his 18 months’ sentence. The Singapore mainstream media withheld publication of his photo fearing an outrage against foreign criminals in Singapore.