Screenshot from Facebook video

A caucasian man was captured by the car’s in-vehicle recording unit slamming the window of a GrabCar driver.

According to the driver’s account, he picked up the caucasian’s family at 296 Beach Road Concourse Skyline on Tuesday (Dec 27) around 3.45pm. However, as he did not have an infant seat, he told the caucasian’s family that he is unable to pick up the family due to traffic regulation requirements.

The man in the video was enraged and then stopped the GrabCar driver from driving away and proceeded to act violently and even threatened to “fucking kill” the driver. Throughout the incident, the GrabCar driver stayed in his car, locked his doors and called the police.

The caucasian family quickly flagged a taxi on the road and left the scene.

Video: Ang Moh gets violent at GrabTaxi driver