Photo from The New Paper

Singapore’s Temasek Holdings-owned security firm, Certis Cisco, will conduct a recruitment drive in Taiwan for Auxiliary Police Officers (APO) in an aim to hire 120 Taiwanese with salaries higher than Singaporeans.

The new Taiwanese recruits will draw S$2,675 in monthly salary, free air-conditioned accommodation, confirmed annual bonuses, health insurance and confirmed overtime payment at overtime rate. This treatment greatly contrasts with the package Singaporeans are getting, whose starting pay is at S$2,500 (excluding a S$500 mandatory CPF deduction) and no provision of accommodation. Including exorbitant accommodations in Singapore with a market room rental rate of S$800 a month, the Taiwanese hires are getting 30% higher a salary package over Singaporean hires.

The inequality resulted in Singaporeans slamming the Singapore government for treating foreigners better in Singapore, with hordes of Singaporeans criticising the Temasek Holdings-owned company on state media CNA Facebook page.

Singapore employers prefer to hire foreigners over Singaporeans because of CPF contributions and National Service obligations. Despite being highly-appraised for their Singapore education system, Singaporeans are not in demand and perceived as inferior to foreigners in Singapore. In Oct, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say complained that Singaporeans are picky at jobs:

“Don’t be too picky in the job hunt. You’re just sitting there waiting for the perfect job, but what if it doesn’t come? Will you just sit there? The longer you stay out of employment, the harder it is to come back.”