Photo of Singapore MBS from AFP

An international survey on talent by IMD Business School found that Singapore is one of the worst countries in education development among 61 countries.

The report,, IMD World Talent Report 2016, published last week revealed that Singapore ranks poorly on funding on education and pupil-teacher ratio:

Total Public Expenditure on Education at 2.99% of GDP, ranked 56th
Pupil-teacher ratio (Primary) at 17:1, ranked 41th
Pupil-teacher ratio (Secondary) at 13:1, ranked 35th

The survey also found that local employers do not invest in local development and training of its workforce. Apprenticeship and employee training are both ranked 19th.

Among other findings include a ranking of 57th-worst when it comes to affordability in cost of living and having a huge disparity between reported GDP per capita and actual income earned among employees (ranked 32th). Singapore also ranks poorly in quality of life at 17th, and workers motivation at 23rd.

You may view the survey findings here.