Photo of Major General Chan Chun Sing

Singapore government trade union, NTUC, created 4 new executive-level positions to assist the . Two retiring PAP MPs, Ang Hin Kee and Yeo Guat Kwang, are earmarked for the new position known as “Assistant Directors-General”.

In a media statement by NTUC:

“It will be made up of a newly created position called assistant director-general, which is partly an expansion of the career path for NTUC senior staff. Both assistant director-general and assistant secretary-general are on a par in terms of seniority.”

The other two are Gilbert Tan Chye Hee, CEO of government-linked employment institution and a “39-year-old senior”, Vivek Kumar, from NTUC’s membership department.

With the new change, the Secretary-General and Director-General, Minister of State Chan Chun Sing, is now having 8 assistants instead of the 6 he had. It is not understood why Minister Chan Chun Sing needs so many assistants for NTUC when the trade union see no changes in its profiles and operation scopes. However the changes will likely increase the burden to salary administration costing the country another million in directorship fees.

Graphic of NTUC management chart from Straits Times

The former army general is in the race for the Prime Minister position and is stepping up to form his inner power circle and supporters within the party.