Photo of Charles Chong from Facebook

PAP MP of Punggol East, Charles Chong, revealed that he suffered liver failure and had undergone through a liver transplant operation in his Facebook post last night (Dec 20). The PAP MP will be away on 8 weeks of fully-paid medical leave – an out-of-the-norm entitlement not seen in any employer organisation.

In an email interview with state media Straits Times, the 63-year-old said that he was diagnosed with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis three years ago. The condition is a liver inflammation caused by a build-up of fat, however the PAP MP was quick to clarify that it is “not something which has had any impact on my work or personal life”.

In Dec 2, the PAP MP announced that he is going on a “planned medical procedure” on Dec 1, and will be away on an eight weeks medical leave. The PAP MP was unable to perform any MP duties and had his local meet-the-people sessions covered by his PAP grassroots leaders. As a result from his absence, the PAP MP did not participate in any Parliament hearing and contributed zero input to vital government debates including the changes to the Presidential Election and re-writing of the country’s Constitution.

The PAP MP won the 2015 election with a 51.76% majority in Punggol East constituency.