Photo of LKYSPP from internet

The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) conducted an internal poll of 244 “student leaders” and found that Singapore “tops in infrastructure”.

The ludicrous poll, called the “SG100 Compass (Youth Edition)”, was published in its report, called “Dream Future Report”, go as far as claiming the Singapore government is incorruptible. Here are the poll results:

Singapore have done well in the following:
1. Ensuring low crime and accident rates (53%)
2. Effective and Incorruptible Government (47%)
3. Affordable and convenient public transport (42%)

Singapore have not done well in the following:
1. Compassion, kindness and Kampung spirit (62%)
2. Respecting and supporting all career paths (51%)
3. Income equality (48%)
4. Work-life balance (48%)

Singapore has done okay:
1. Education system (74%)
2. Equal access and headstart to education for children (71%)
3. Equal opportunities to upgrading (67%)

Singapore government education institutes like LKYSPP, SMU and SIM often publish fictitious surveys and reports to as propaganda material for the state media to further political causes. In 2015, state media CNA and SMU published a fake report claiming that Singaporeans are racist when it comes to voting. The report paved the way for the Singapore government to fix the Presidential Election, enacting that only Malays are qualified for the next election so as to remove several predominantly Chinese and Indian prominent candidates from contesting.