Photo of Chomp Chomp food center from the food pornographer

According to the Housing Development Board (HDB), carpark charges for 22 popular heartland areas will be raised, in addition to the recent nation-wide raise that began on Dec 1.

The 22 sites are mostly located near the city area and near certain food centres will see 6 sites having a 40% raise from S$1 per half an hour to S$1.40 per half an hour, while 16 other sites have a 60% raise from S$0.50 per half an hour to S$0.80 per half an hour.

In a media response, a HDB spokesperson said:

“This differential pricing model helps to better manage parking demand in the city.”

HDB manages 607,000 parking spaces and earned a profit after expenses of S$518 million in 2015 from the carpark charges. The raise is expected to bring in another 20% revenue (S$180 million) a year to the Singapore government. There is no mention of using the hundreds of millions of profits to rebuild multi-storey car parks to improve congested car parking situation. The money will only go back to the country’s reserves, to be invested by Temasek Holdings and GIC.

As of Dec 1, all public car park rates will increase by 20%. Below is the new rate for all public carparks: