Photo from Straits Times Melissa Lim

Again on a peak hour morning, the East-West Line (EWL) train services see another major disruption affecting 15 stations today (Dec 14).

In a twitter post on 8.39am, SMRT wrote to add a 20 minute traveling time but actual waiting time stretched as far as 40 minutes. The newly-nationalised public transport operator then posted to add another 10 minute at 9.02am. SMRT often post inaccurate waiting time advice to manage expectations, but the lie is often called out by commuters on site.

The train service breakdown lasted for 4 hours and train services resumed at 12.12pm. On its official Twitter account, SMRT wrote a signaling fault at Aljunied station caused the delay, but on-site photos of sign posts taken at Aljunied station show that it is a track fault. Commuters at the station were also not advised of the expected turnaround time and there was no train-replacement buses. Passengers were instead told to “refer to bus guides on website”.

According to the recent blog post by the SMRT Managing Director, 3 in 10 breakdowns were caused by signaling fault. SMRT is upgrading the system but the works can only be completed by end-2018.

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