Photo of Ministry of Finance from Singapore Press Holdings

According to the newly-published biennial Singapore Public Sector Outcomes Review, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) claimed that the lives of Singaporeans have improved but the statistics provided in the same report is showing otherwise.

On crime rate, the MoF said “overall law and order situation remained under control”. However, crime rate actually increased 3% in 2016. The MoF dismissed the increase in crime rate to “online commercial crime”, suggesting that such crimes are not safety-related to Singaporeans.

MoF also claimed that public transport in Singapore has “progressed”, but the figures provided in the report wrote that the number of train delays lasting more than 30 minutes has actually doubled in 2015, compared to 2013. MoF instead used another measurement, “train-km between disruption”, to back its claim that train service has improved.

“Last year, trains clocked 133,000 train-km between disruptions – delays of more than five minutes. This was up from 93,000 train-km in 2014.”

On healthcare, MoF claimed that costs is still affordable, without providing any evidence. The report however indicated that 9 in 10 retirees aged 65 and above in the “pioneer generation” group requested for subsidies and healthcare assistance from the Pioneer Generation Package between Sep 2014 and Dec 2015.

On housing, MoF wrote, “There are also signs that public flats have become more affordable for first-time home buyers”, without mentioning what “signs”. MoF selectively used “non-mature estates” and claimed that debt-servicing ratio fell from 25% in 2014 to 22% in 2015.

On income, MoF claimed that those in the 20th percentile and median income saw wages grew by 3% per year since 2010. However, it made no mention to inflation and individual purchasing income. There is also no mention of Gini coefficient, a measurement of income gap. Unemployment rate is “stable and among the lowest in the world”, according to MoF, despite hitting a 6-year-high of 3% since 2009.

You may view the full MoF report here.