Photo of Workers Party at Aljunied Town Council

Opposition-held Aljunied Town Council have allocated a S$17.5 million budget for lift upgrading with raising Service and Conservancy Charges (SnCC). The amount to be spent over the next 4 years, is 6 times more than the amount ruling party PAP town council allocated at S$3 million each for 15 town councils.

However unlike the ruling party PAP town councils, the S$17.5 million budget by the Opposition-held town council was already allocated for whereas the PAP town councils are going to raise charges from residents to pay for the S$45 million budget.

The first tender for 20 lifts was called for in October by Aljunied Town Council and more tenders will be carried out for a total of 1,700 lifts under the Workers’ Party’s care. The lifts to be upgraded are 15-year-old and is about half the 28-year upgrading guideline by the Housing Development Board.

Till date, none of the high profile lift accidents causing injuries and one death are in the Opposition-held town council.