Photo of Keith Tan from Straits Times Wong Kwai Chow

A 36 year old stockbroker was fined S$2,000 in court today for kicking a ball at a 9 year old boy three times, with one “accidental” hit to the boy’s face causing nose bleed.

Keith Tan Chee Siang was at a HDB void deck in Bukit Panjang with his 6 year old daughter. A group of boys were playing soccer at the void deck and a ball accidentally hit the girl on her shoulders, knocking her off the scooter she was on. The girl had minor abrasion and seeing his daughter crying loudly, Keith Tan told the boy to stand still while he kicked the ball at the boy’s leg 3 times at close range, about 5m away from the boy. Each time the 36 year old adult hit the boy with the ball, he told the boy to pass the ball back to him and taunted him “pain or not?”, to which the victim did not reply.

At one time, the man missed the boy and the ball hit the wall, and rebounded to hit the boy in the face resulting the boy to suffer a nose bleed. The boy’s mother made a police report in the evening.

The man was charged with causing hurt and the district judge chided him for over-reacting and setting a bad example for his daughter. Keith Tan was also ordered to pay S$108 in compensation for the boy’s injuries after pleading guilty to the charge.