Photo of Teo Ho Pin from Singapore Press Holdings

Residents staying in all 15 PAP Town Councils will be expected to pay more Service and Conservancy Charges (SnCC) to accumulate the S$45 million required to improve lift safety and reliability around the island.

According to PAP Town Council Lift Taskforce today (Dec 5), the S$45 million is required to improve lift servicing and maintenance as well as to monitor the performance of lifts and lift contractors over the next five years.The PAP Lift Taskforce headed by MP Teo Ho Pin, said:

“PAP Town Councils will be required to carry out additional checks and adopt preventive maintenance on five critical lift components – door mechanisms, inductor switch, brakes, over-speed governor and levelling system – during servicing to enhance lift safety.”

There is however no mention to increase the SnCC charges by the PAP Taskforce yet, but the money will eventually have to come from the residents. The PAP ruling party as a political party itself does not use party funds, contributed by donations from members, to pay for policy-related expenses like lift upgrading. It is unknown how much will be the increase but the raise is likely due in 2017.

The PAP Lift Taskforce was set up as a knee-jerk response to a series of lift breakdowns in HDB estates managed by PAP Town Councils due to the lack of maintenance. Lift contractors contracted however deflect blame from the councils by complaining about the lack of manpower and expertise to manage the vast number of HDB lifts even though their maintenance contracts were lucrative.