Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Today Online Ooi Boon Keong

Speaking at the PAP conference today (Dec 4), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong poured praises for his ruling party PAP government but told Singaporeans to look after themselves.

“The ruling party will improve Singaporeans’ lives. But given the difficulties ahead, we have to strive even harder. Among the tasks would be to equip Singaporeans with the skills to look after ourselves.”

The Prime Minister then said that the PAP government can take credit for the economic growth because they did the “right things” and delivered “result”:

“We are working together. And for that, I think Singaporeans can take credit, the PAP Government can take credit. We came together, did the right things and delivered results for the country.”

The priciest Prime Minister in the world then said that he made housing and medical fees affordable for Singaporeans because residents in major cities around the world like London and New York see these as major issues:

“With the various measures like Community Health Assist Scheme, the Pioneer Generation Package and MediShield Life, I have made healthcare affordable and accessible. In Singapore, when you get married, we help you to own a home and start a family. This is not the case in any other major city in the world. In London, New York, Hong Kong, Taipei, or Shanghai, housing is a big issue, especially for young people. CPF Life and the Silver Support scheme will also provide more support for Singaporeans during old age.”

The dictator Prime Minister who sue critics for defamation and jail dissenters then call for Singaporeans to be united and vote PAP so he can “pursue policies to bring Singaporeans closer together”:

“The PAP must be a strong, national party”. If our society is united, then it is easier for the PAP to represent a broad range of Singaporean. And if the PAP government pursues policies that bring all Singaporeans closer together, then our society can remain united. With societies, including Singapore’s, becoming more fragmented and diverse, the PAP needs to be close to all segments of society. The party must also serve the people because this is its duty. We can’t be like political parties in some other countries, where people join a party for the spoils. Here, if you join the PAP, you expect hard work and tough speeches. But we must never slacken. We cannot afford to take voters for granted.”