Update (Dec 4): Fibre broadband services resumed at 8.25am this morning. Singtel will offer 10% discount for affected customers as compensation.

Following a “mysterious” signal that hit SMRT trains last month, Singapore’s state telecommunication company, Singtel, now blame the network outage to an “unknown” cause even after more than a day of investigation since the island-wide disruption started at 8am today (Dec 3).

In their Facebook post, Singtel said that they do not know why are their servers are not assigning IP addresses to their customers’ endpoints.

In the meantime, Singtel customers affected will be given free mobile data access for Saturday today.

“To clarify, these two groups of customers will have their mobile data waived.

1. Singtel postpaid mobile subscribers who are also Singtel fibre broadband subscribers

2. Singtel postpaid mobile subscribers with same billing addresses as the fibre broadband subscriber

Do note that the mobile data waivers will be applied in your next bill.”

It is unknown whether the waiver will be extended as Singtel is still unable to resume network services.

The “unknown” cause is the second embarrassing episode over the lack of engineering expertise after state company SMRT reported a “mysterious” interference signal that brought down its train signalling system. SMRT later sought help from the Ministry of Defence who found out that it is due to a faulty signalling equipment on one train.