Photo of vandalist from Shin Min Daily

An anonymous man went on a rampage at the open-air HDB carpark of Serangoon North Avenue 2 this morning (Dec 3) around 9am, thrashing and leaving dents on more than 10 cars and kicked down 4 motorcycle.

According to witnesses, the man was wearing wearing a red shirt and carrying a backpack. He was first witnessed blocking cars from entering the carpark at the entrance and then went on to kick down the motorcycles. According to witnesses, his fist was bloodied from the thrashing and nobody dared approach him because he looked mentally unstable.

After leaving more than 10 cars dented and 4 motorcycles turned over in the 15 minute rampage, the man was seen walking towards a bus stop. There was no police in sight but it is understood that a witness on site had called for the police as the authority confirmed a report of “vandalism” was reported at 9.29am.