Former ruling party Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP), Calvin Cheng, accused other South East Asian countries like Philippines and Malaysia of kowtowing to China in their diplomatic exchanges.

The unofficial PAP internet brigade leader who often post fictitious accounts and defamatory comments against critics of ruling party said that a China Communist Party member told him that China expects Singapore to kowtow like the others did. Calvin Cheng then went on to laugh at the neighbours of Singapore for “kowtowing to China”:

“As a CPPCC member told me last night, China is going to be the big boss 老大 in the region, whether we accept it or not. If we accept it, we will prosper, as China is very generous. Current events has shown this to be true. Look what China has done for Laos, Cambodia, and more recently Malaysia and the Philippines after their leaders went to Beijing to kowtow and pay respects.”

The former PAP NMP said that China is now behaving like a big bully, like it did as a dynasty, by calling it a “tributary host country” (奉献国). Calvin Cheng accused China of demanding Singapore to behave like a tributary state in order for Singapore to get investments in return:

“Tributary states in the past would send caravans of tribute to the Emperor. But in return, these poorer smaller nations would get 10 times more caravans far richer. In fact, imperial courts would deplete reserves just to keep China’s tributary states in its orbit. For the most loyal states, the Emperor would sometimes even gift his own daughter – a princess – to the tributary king. China is a hostage to its history. In order to understand its current actions, we need to understand China’s history.”

Currently the ruling party PAP is at an information war with China’s Communist Party on the internet, with both sides smearing each other. You may read Calvin Cheng’s original post here.