Former PAP Minister George Yeo was booted out from prestigious Indian University, Nalanda University, where he was Chancellor for barely a year since July 2015, in a decision by India President Pranab Mukherjee.

The India President dissolved the Nalanda’s Governing Board on Monday (21 Nov), without informing George Yeo, to which he cried foul that he was not informed.

“I was neither involved in the preparation nor consulted beforehand. It is puzzling why I, as Chancellor, was not even given notice of it. When I was invited to take over the responsibility from Amartya Sen last year, I was repeatedly assured that the University would have autonomy. This appears not to be the case now.

For reasons not entirely clear to me, the Government of India has decided to form the new Governing Board with immediate effect before the Act is amended. ”

You may view George Yeo’s full statement here.

The Singapore state media is however bent on recovering the reputation of the former PAP Minister who was booted out of election in 2011. Straits Times claimed that the former chancellor, a Nobel Prize winner, had issues with the India government too and that the latter resigned due to lack of autonomy.

India President’s move to displace George Yeo, suggests that Singapore’s diplomatic relationship with India is still lukewarm despite a recent personal visit by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to India.

It is understood that former Minister George Yeo is currently unemployed, but the ruling party PAP government will likely arrange another position for the former PAP cadre.