Screenshot from Manpower Group Survey

An employment survey conducted by the Manpower Group found that Singaporean millennial – age between 16 and 34 – work longer hours than Japanese millennial. On average, Singapore millennial work 48 hours a week compared to 46 hours a week by the Japanese.

Over 19,000 millennial across 25 nations were surveyed. 14% of Singapore millennial believe they have to work until they die, compared to 12% globally.

Also placing Singapore on the unholy altar is that Singapore millennial are the 2nd worst when it comes to optimism about job prospects. In Singapore, millennial worry about employment competition from cheaper foreign labour, lack of retirement due to insufficiency of CPF and exorbitant housing prices.

Low salaries in Singapore have seen many millennial worry about retirement and some forgo marriage, home-buying and child-bearing resulting in Singapore have the lowest birth-rate in the world.

You may view the survey result here.