Photo of faulty lift in Boon Lay Place by Straits Times Ong Wee Jin

Following an investigation, the Building Construction Authority (BCA) confirmed that lift contractors hired by the West Coast Town Council failed to conduct proper maintenance that resulted in a leg injury to an elderly woman:

“The lift system detected this fault and caused the lift to initiate a safety stop between the second and first storey until the lift re-levelled at the second storey. As lift components such as limit switches are subject to wear and tear, such incidents can be minimised through replacement during regular maintenance of lift parts.”

Last week (Nov 15), a 66-year-old retiree boarded the faulty lift from the 3rd level at Boon Lay Place Block 207. As soon as the lift doors closed, the lift free-fall and stopped abruptly at the first level. The lift then jerked violently before rising again to open up at the second level. The impact caused severe pain to the elderly’s right leg.

According to the victim, this is the second similar incident with the same lift but she did not place a report. There is no offer of compensation from West Coast Town Council so far but PAP MP-in-charge of the constituency, Patrick Tay, paid her a home visit.

A neighbour living at the 10th-storey told media reporters that the lift breaks down every few months.