Photo of Lee Hsien Loong at APEC Meeting in Peru from AFP

Despite having the Trans-Pacific Pact dead, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is pressing ahead and pressuring signatory countries to proceed with TPP by seeking domestic approval. Speaking at the APEC meeting in Peru yesterday (Nov 19), PM Lee called for its allies to hasten up on securing domestic approval:

“The world is watching carefully how we respond. We should stay on the course and not undo the good work that has been done over the past six years.”

According to Mexico’s Economy Minister, 6 countries – Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand – will proceed without the United States. US President Obama stated that he is unable to confirm the TPP decision and said that he will leave the decision to his successor Donald Trump, who have repeatedly stated that he will scrap the TPP upon election.

Japan has secured Lower House approval but the final approval is still pending the Upper House. Singapore will have no issue approving the TPP because Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has complete domination of Parliament under his dictatorship. Malaysia may not proceed with the pact if China signaled their approval to their participation as the country is now heavily dependent on China for investments.

In Australia, the TPP may not be passed as major opposition party, Labour, opposes the pact. New Zealand faces similar domestic opposition and chances are the TPP approval will not pass in the country too. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has postponed the deal indefinitely saying that his administration needed more time to look at the details.