Photo of elderly cleaner from Straits Times

A permanent fund raising scheme will be implemented next year to make Singaporeans pay more for certain local sanitary products as a form of forced donation to help struggling cleaners in Singapore.

According to “non-profit” group, Rest Association of Singapore (RAS), supermarkets and retail stores can decide the amount to jack up for certain sanitary products where the surplus is claimed to be donated to the RAS.

RAS then claimed it will distribute the funds it received to donate to Singapore cleaners in the form of grocery vouchers and appreciation meals.

This move will subsidise cleaner-contracting companies and help them save on wages, further enriching bosses.

Despite being on full-time jobs, Singapore cleaners are the modern slaves struggling with S$800 to S$1,000 a month in the world’s costliest city. Most Singapore cleaners are contract-hired and do not get medical benefits, insurance or bonuses.

RAS then blame Singaporeans for belittling cleaners quoting a survey it conducted saying 35% of the surveyed would be disappointed if their children work as cleaners. PAP Minister Dr Amy Khor also paid a lip service calling the cleaners “silent heroes and heroines” without stating what actions would the government take to increase salaries.