Photo of Joshua Wong and Marco Rubio from Facebook

Hongkong’s leading democracy activist leader Joshua Wong was honoured in United States and gave a speech at a Capitol Hill event organised by the US congressional panel.

The twenty-year-old urged newly-elected US President Donald Trump to support human rights in Hongkong against China’s oppression. Joshua Wong said that the international community have a moral responsibility to monitor the human rights situation in Hongkong and that the China territory state deserve democracy and a free market system.

“Being a businessman, I hope Donald Trump could know the dynamics in Hong Kong and know that to maintain the business sector benefits in Hong Kong, it’s necessary to fully support human rights in Hong Kong to maintain the judicial independence and the rule of law.”

Two Republican senators expressed their support for Joshua Wong and proposed a bill to punish Chinese officials who are identified as guilty for suppressing freedom in Hongkong. The bill, called the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act”, was introduced by Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Marco Rubio of Florida two days ago on Nov 16.

Under the proposed bill, the US will identify those responsible for abduction, surveillance, detention and forced confessions, and the perpetrators will have their US assets, if any, to be frozen and their entry to the country denied.

Just earlier this week, the US published a report condemning China for infringing the contract agreement of a “one-country two-system”.