Photo of Singapore coffee kopi from Remember Singapore

According to the latest 2016 Coffee Price Index, Singapore is ranked 20th for being the most expensive city for coffee.

75 cities across 36 countries were surveyed and a coffee in Singapore is priced at S$3.30 per cup on average putting it as the 20th ranking. Right at the top is Zurich Switzerland at S$5 having the most expensive coffee in the world. The cheapest city to have coffee is at S$1.44 in Rio de Janerio Brazil. Asia-wise, Hongkong coffee is priced the most expensive at S$4.08 per cup.

The survey measures 4 types of coffee: a cup of coffee in an office, a grande-sized latte from Starbucks, a medium cuppa from a local coffee shop and a cup of coffee at home.

Singapore has always rank among the most expensive cities in the world in the the past decade, with Singapore taking the most expensive city ranking in 2016 according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.