Photo of Donald Trump and Mexico flag from Conservative Tribune

Following Donald Trump’s successful Presidential election, neighbouring country Mexico announced that they will offer “help” like immigration lawyers to undocumented illegal Mexicans living in United States.

As the undocumented illegal immigrants have overstayed in United States, upcoming US President Donald Trump said that he will deport every one of them, especially those with criminal records, out of the country. The election promise is widely perceived as racist by his critics but legal immigrants who went through the legal process and paid for the immigration charges are highly supportive of the move.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu said in a Twitter video yesterday:

“Fellow citizens, these are uncertain times. Stay calm. Don’t fall into provocations and don’t let yourself be fooled. We will be closer to you than ever to keep you informed, accompany you and defend you.”

It is unknown why Mexico is not offering to help deport the illegal immigrants in US and instead offering “help” to assist the illegal immigrants remain in US.