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A Singapore construction worker from Bangladesh committed suicide, likely due to extreme poverty. Sarkar Surzit hanged himself in the toilet of a rubbish collection centre at Tampines St 21 Blk 267.

Surkit Surzit’s body was found when a rubbish collector accessed the toilet. The police classified the case as “unnatural death” and investigation is undergoing.

Construction workers in Singapore live in extreme poverty, drawing around S$500 a month after deduction for accommodations and excluding overtime from their 44-hr work week. There is no Minimum Wage in Singapore and many borrowed at least S$4,000 to pay employment agents for a construction job in Singapore.

In Dec 2013, foreign workers consisting mainly of Indians and Bangladesh rioted in Little India due to the poor living conditions and extreme poverty. Government vehicles were targeted as the Singapore government is identified as the key exploiter behind their plight.