According to a press release today (Nov 16), the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Kidney Foundation (NKF) has been sacked for “personal indiscretions”.

While no specifics were revealed over what “personal indiscretions” that led to the sacking of Edmund Kwok, the NKF Board, consisting of a special three-member executive committee, is quick to clarify that there is no misappropriation of funds or other finance-related mishandling involved with the decision.

“The Board of NKF would like to assure all stakeholders, including patients, donors, supporters and employees, that Mr Kwok’s personal indiscretion has nothing to do with the stewardship of our finances. Our operations are not affected by this matter and our services to patients and beneficiaries continue as per normal.”

Rumors spreading on the internet suggested that Edmund Kwok was exposed to be in an extra-marital relationship.

This is the second sacking of a CEO position in the government-linked charity organisation NKF. In 2005, former CEO of NKF, T.T. Durai was sentenced to 3 months’ jail for misappropriating public funds meant for patients requiring kidney dialysis.