Photo of President Jokowi and Jakara Mayor Ahok from dreamtime

After weeks of protests mounted by Islamic extremist groups in Jakarta, Indonesia Police gave in and decided to commence investigation in the alleged “blasphemous”comment made by the Chinese-ethnic Jakarta mayor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok.

The incident started when the Jakarta mayor quoted the Quran saying that there is no such verse in the Muslim holy book saying not to vote for a non-muslim leadership.

The protestors, consisting of mostly racist minorities, are actively vocal and organising violent protests against the Jakarta mayor and also the Indonesian President Jokowi on the streets clashing with local police. It is understood that President Jokowi is supporting the Jakarta mayor, and the President has delayed overseas trips including one to Australia because of the violent protests.

Jakarta mayor, Ahok, has however apologised for his comment but deny allegations of blasphemy.

“I accept the status of suspect and believe in the professionalism of the police. This is not just a case about me but about determining the direction this country is going in.”

It is understood the Islamic extremist groups are playing religion in this episode as a political campaign point to remove the progressive mayor in the coming election.