Photo of Michael Fritsch

A German working as an executive in Singapore was sentenced to 10 days’ jail yesterday (Nov 15) for punching a Singaporean taxi driver.

The incident happened a year ago on May 17, 2015 at around 4.33am at the Zouk taxi stand along Kim Seng Road. Michael Fritsch, 38, was drunk and cut a taxi queue. When he boarded the taxi, the driver refused to fetch him and insisted that the German lines up for the queue.

The German who is the head of business operations Asia Pacific region of multi-national company T-Systems Singapore then replied:

“I pay S$40,000 in taxes to the Singapore government every year so I should have priority.”

An argument ensued with the taxi driver finally relenting to his unreasonable request. However, Michael Fritsch then refused to give the exact details of his destination and the 52-year-old taxi driver said he will call the police. This prompted the German national to punch the driver in the head, leaving a swelling bruise.

The rich foreign talent was arrested 5 days later and offered a S$1,675 compensation with an apology letter only when a year later last month (Nov 2016) because he is pleading for mitigation for lesser sentences.

Although the Singapore judge had harsh words for the accused, the assailant was only sentenced to 10 days’ jail out of a maximum 2 years’ jail for causing hurt.