Outgoing President Barack Obama made a u-turn on his comments of his newly-elected successor Donald Trump, claiming that the billionaire is pragmatic. This is a 180 degrees change in attitude since his comment on Trump during the election campaigning days where Obama called Trump “unfit” for presidency:

“Regardless of what experience or assumptions he brought to the office, this office has a way of waking you up. Reality has a way of asserting itself. I don’t think he is ideological. I think ultimately he is pragmatic in that way. And that can serve him well as long as he’s got good people around him and he has a clear sense of direction.”

Speaking at a press conference last week, Obama said that he told Donald Trump in a meeting that his actions have consequences like “moving markets, tanks and public sentiments.

“I emphasised to him that, look, in an election like this that was so hotly contested and so divided, gestures matter. It’s really important to try to send some signals of unity, and to reach out to minority groups or women or others that were concerned about the tenor of the campaign.”

President Obama said that while he have his reservations on Donald Trump, he declared that he still believe in the country’s democratic process and the soundness of the US system:

“Do I have concerns? Absolutely. Of course, I have concerns. He and I differ on a whole bunch of issues. But the federal government and our democracy is not a speedboat – it’s an ocean liner.”

In the meantime, as part of the transition period, Donald Trump is still selecting his team members to take over the Obama administration. Anti-Trump protests and processions led by mostly young Americans in their 20s and 30s are still rife in major US cities, with many rejecting the result of the Presidential election.