The Japanese city council fixed a giant sinkhole, measuring 30m (length) x 27m (wide) x 15 (depth), in a week – much to the surprise of both local Japanese residents and the world.

The sinkhole was initially a small hole and first witnessed at around 5am on Nov 8. It was located right in front of a busy street near JR Hakata Station in central Fukuoka city. The sinkhole then started enlarging to around 7,000 cubic metres in volume, bringing down traffic lights and roads in the vicinity.

According to Japanese media, the sinkhole was created from nearby construction work on a subway line extension in the vicinity.

The local mayor apologised to the city residents and promised to work out compensation to businesses affected by the sinkhole. According to Fukushima Mayor Soichiro Takashima, the newly-reinforced ground is now 30 times stronger than before.