Part of a HDB lift ceiling collapsed and hit a 63-year-old elderly and a 2-year-old boy at Block 480, Pasir Ris Drive 4.

Mohammad Yazid Razali was commuting in the lift with his father, wife, two daughters and baby son when the metal panel of the lift container suddenly fell down on them. Everyone was unhurt except for the elderly man, who was scratched by the fallen debris, and the baby boy suffered a huge bump on his head.

Mohammad Yazid told media reporters that he is angry at the town council and hope that such incidents do not repeat:

“I am angry. What kind of lift is this? My son cried loudly and had nightmares. Now he’s traumatised and afraid to enter lifts. It’s lucky that I am tall and absorbed a lot of the impact (from the dislodged ceiling panel). But my grandfather and parents use the two lifts in the block every day. There are also quite a number of elderly people and kids who live there. I am worried that something might happen to them.”

The Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council did not offer any compensation for the victims, and Mohammad Yazid said that they should at least pay for the S$128 medical bill at the clinic.

According to state media Straits Times, lift ceiling collapsing is nothing new and had happened several times over the past one year:

“In the past year or so, several incidents have occurred in which ceiling boards, cladding or other structures have dislodged from HDB blocks. There have also been incidents involving lifts in which people were hurt.”

This is the latest reported incident for failing HDB infrastructures after a recent spate of accidents over falling roofs and harrowing faulty lifts which severed an elderly’s hand.