After causing severe inconvenience to commuters with fingers pointing at mobile network operators for a “mysterious” interference signal, SMRT embarrassingly revealed that it is their train that is at fault behind the signalling system breakdown.

Blaming a “Passenger Vehicle 46”, SMRT said that the intermittent failure of signalling equipment on the train resulted in about 100 occurrences of loss of signalling communications on trains travelling in its proximity on Nov 2 and 6.

As the loss of signalling communications result in an automatic activation of an emergency brakes, the signalling fault brought trains on the entire Circle Line to a halt on every occasion the fault occurred.

There is no compensation to customers of mobile network operators Singtel, Starhub and M1. Last Thursday (Nov 3) and Friday (Nov 4), SMRT cut off mobile signals without issuing a warning, to much frustrations of passengers commuting on the Circle Line.

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Mobile signal network were suspected to be behind the breakdown then, but today’s investigation result clear them of liabilities.

The maintenance capabilities of SMRT and the Land Transport Authority is now under scrutiny as it appears the authorities do not have railway engineering basics to troubleshoot train breakdowns.