Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from RSF

The ruling party government passed a bill yesterday (Nov 9) increasing the minimum number of Opposition seats to 12 from the current 9. The new bill will also give full voting rights to Non-Constituency MP (NCMPs), making them having the full functions of an elected MP.

If the 12 seats are not filled via election, the best losers of each constituency will be appointed NCMP.

This new election bill is a political move designed to give Singaporeans a false impression that there will always be Opposition in Parliament. The “guaranteed” number of Opposition members in the Parliament is however still far from the number to oppose policies propose by the ruling party government.

Dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is able to re-write Constitution and pass any new bills he proposed because he has the majority votes. In the recently-passed unpopular bill that fixes the upcoming Presidential Election, all 77 PAP MPs voted in favour against 6 Opposition MPs.

The 6 Workers’ Party MPs naturally also rejected against this bill to fix the election stating that nobody should be made MP if he doesn’t win in an election, but again, to naught effect. The reverse psychology move is to appease Singaporeans and critics who keep complaining about the lack of democracy in Singapore. However, the new bill doesn’t change the fact that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong can continue to possess dictatorship powers.

Among other undemocratic election laws introduced by Lee Hsien Loong is a cooling off day that bans online criticisms on the last two days of the election and yet allowing the state-controlled media continues their propaganda.