Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) is currently clamping down on the usage of electrical bicycles and scooters with over 860 advisories issued for unsafe usage.

According to LTA, it is illegal to use these new motorised-powered mobile vehicles technology on the road.

Legally-sold vehicles comes with a speed limit of 25km/hr but illegal modifications removes the safety limit with some being able to travel as fast as 70km/hr, posing a serious public hazard as one does not need to be trained and licensed.

Some of the common dangerous behaviour of electric bicycles and scooters users on the road include travelling against the flow of traffic, riding without helmets and weaving in-between stationary vehicles like motrocycles. As of today, 20 electric scooters were confiscated for getting caught travelling on the road.

The new enforcement came after a high profile accident where a lorry killed an electricity bike user on the road at West Coast Highway two weeks ago. Earlier in September, a woman landed up in critical conditions with serious head injuries after being hit by an e-scooter.

Singapore motorists often complain e-scooters and e-bikes as public nuisance and road menace, as most of the riders are young teenagers who often ignore traffic rules.