An unidentified man in his 50s smashed a wanton mee stall with a beer glass after waiting too long for his turn at North Bridge Road Food Centre on Monday (Oct 31).

The incident happened around 10.30pm, and according to witnesses, the man who smelled of alcohol shouted in Mandarin twice that he was very hungry. The stall owner then told him that he still had to wait for his queue because there were two patrons in front of him.

The man then threw a beer glass at the stall, shattering its display window. The stall owner then called the police on the phone, while the culprit tried to leave after making the scene. He was however stopped by a soya bean drink stall owner who witnessed the entire ruckus from her stall.

The unidentified soya bean drink stall is an elderly woman believed to be in her late 50s. She was punched twice by the man and the assailant fled. The police however managed to track down the man in the neighbourhood and had him arrested. The assaulted victim was discharged from the hospital with superficial injuries to her face.