Photo of Feng Tian Wei from Rio

Xenophobia got the better of state media Mediacorp’s Today in an article citing unnamed sources that China-born table tennis player Feng Tian Wei made false claims amounting to a few hundred dollars.

This is the second inaccurate report by Today after the first which claimed that Law Minister K Shanmugam said that Eurasian Singaporeans are too few to be considered as a race for the elected Presidency.

According to Today’s article, Feng Tian Wei was issued a warning for buying 200 eggs and 10 milk powder tin in less than two weeks. Below is the fictitious excerpt from Today:

“According to sources, a dispute over prize money had erupted after last year’s SEA Games, where Feng won a gold medal in the women’s team event.

There was also an issue of false claims amounting to a few hundred dollars submitted by the player for reimbursement of food purchases, with handwritten receipts submitted by Feng called into question.

These included the purchase of 200 eggs for breakfast over nine days, and 10 tins of milk over three days. Feng was eventually issued a warning by the STTA, and the cash was returned to the association.”

Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) yesterday (Oct 30) clarified that this is untrue:

“Regarding the recent media reports, Feng Tianwei was cautioned about the proper claiming procedure, but she did not falsify nor claim more than what she was permitted.”

Feng Tian Wei herself also denied the SPH report:

“I never made any claim for more than what I’m entitled to, nor cheated the association of money, or did anything unlawful.”

Singapore’s media is ranked 154th in accuracy and independence. Most articles are re-written by propagandist holding titles of “opinion editors”.