Government’s feedback unit REACH yesterday (Oct 23) published a survey claiming that most Singaporeans agree with the racist Presidency Changes that reserve the next election only for the Malays.

According to REACH, the survey was done on its website with 1,057 respondents who are Singapore citizens. 77% supported the racist re-writing of the constitution to reserve seats for a certain race.

Dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong started a series of orchestrated events that led to the legislation of the presidential election changes, just so to disqualify Dr Tan Cheng Bock – a non-PAP-endorsed presidential candidate – from contesting in the upcoming Presidential election.

In Feb 2016, a committee appointed by the Prime Minister was convened to “propose” changes to fix the coming presidential election. State media Channel News Asia and government-linked education institute Institute of Policy Studies then published a fictitious survey claiming that Singaporean voters are racist when voting.

The government then “accepted” the committee’s recommendations and published a White Paper calling for the changes to be implemented. The single-party Parliament then approved the White Paper with no debate.

However the political moves were met with fierce opposition from the public. The government is at the moment publishing fake surveys like this one by REACH, to “manage expectations” of Singaporeans and making the move “more digestible”.