Despite being newly-built for less than a year, several new BTO HDB flats are seeing multiple lift breakdowns. 80 residents of a HDB BTO flat in Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Waterway Cascadia, lodged a petition complaining about the lifts and demanded the newly-built lifts to be replaced for free.

PAP MP of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Sun Xue Ling, however refused the request and preferred repair works over replacement. The PAP MP paid a dosage of lips service in Parliament yesterday (Oct 23) for not replacing the lifts:

“The issue … is something that I’m very, very concerned about. We’ve been hearing feedback from residents, I’m well aware of that. I have been working with the lift contractor and manufacturer, the Housing and Development Board and the town council. It’s something that we’re monitoring on a daily basis. The town council knows, and it’s their topmost priority.”

The Temasek Holdings investment director continued her rhetoric and said that her Town Council has “come down quite hard” on the lift manufacturer:

“It’s a moving list. Once you’ve solved one lift, given the number of new housing units that are coming up in Punggol West, there will be a new batch. Sometimes, residents may feel it takes a longer time to resolve. It’s not because we’re not looking at it, but the technical reason it has malfunctioned requires a longer time to investigate. This includes finding specific spare parts, which may not be readily available. It’s a very unfortunate thing to inconvenience our residents while they wait for that spare part to be delivered. But when that happens, the town council comes down quite hard on the lift manufacturer to say: ‘You should make those spare parts available.'”

There is no response from the Ministry of National Development over why are the newly-built lifts facing such recurring breakdowns.