Photo of K Shanmugam at the UN from UN

In a media interview over his threat to lodge a police report against news media States Times Review, Law Minister K Shanmugam claimed that the Australia-based news site has helpers in Singapore:

“While the perpetrator is overseas, he has helpers in Singapore and the police report serves as a marker for conduct.”

It appears the Law Minister tacitly admitted that the police report in Singapore serves no purpose as he called it a “market for conduct”.

154th-ranking state propaganda media, The Straits Times, said that the Law Minister did not lodge a police report even he though he threatened to on his Facebook page:

“I decided that this has to be taken seriously. At a personal level, I don’t need to file a police complaint. But I decided that I should take this seriously because it’s a system that we are talking about. There was no question, no discussion on Eurasians, at least in my session.”

However, the Law Minister signaled his intention to invoke the Internal Security Act’s sedition laws:

“The article’s allegations have the potential to create friction amongst the races.”

There is no mention of the new racist presidential election law that reserved the next Presidential election for only the Malay race. Upon dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s order, a series of orchestrated political events from fake statistics claiming Singapore voters are racist when voting by the state media, to, a quack committee claiming that race representation of the Presidential position needs to take turns, to, approving the racist approvals in Parliament through a White Paper – all done to stop last election’s close contender, Dr Tan Cheng Bock, from contesting.

Ironically, the Law Minister claimed the corrupted system is “clean” and that his government “set out the truth”:

“We need a clean system where we discuss ideas, where we set out the truth. Otherwise, there is no difference between our society and other societies where all sorts of lies go for public discourse.”

Legalised corruptions and cronyism remains Singapore’s main stumbling blocks to progress. The abuse of the Singapore police, state media and oppressive laws is often commonly-used to clamp down on criticisms against the government.

Editor’s note: States Times Review will exercise it’s full rights of freedom of speech in accordance to Australia’s laws. Law Minister K Shanmugam should start standing up for himself like any other politician in the world and stop using police reports and ludicrous laws he concocted as political tools like a coward. An advice for the pompous Law Minister is to do your job and stop oppressing criticisms.