Photo of K Shanmugam from AFP

Unhappy with a report criticising him for making racist statements, Law Minister K Shanmugam lodged a police report against States Times Review today (Oct 22) claiming the website published an “outright falsehood”.

Posting on his Facebook page,

“And it goes on to elaborate on what I had supposedly said, and suggests that I said this in response to Mr Bennett Theseira. And that ‘Indians outnumbered Eurasians 20 to 1 and that makes it difficult for (there to be) an Eurasian President’.

All of this is completely false. During my session which lasted 90 minutes, I said nothing of the sort attributed to me, about Eurasians. In fact I wasn’t asked about Eurasians at all, either by Mr Theseira or anyone else. And I made no comments at all about Eurasians. There was no question posed to me, relating to Eurasians, and there was no discussion on Eurasians.

Am quite shocked at such outright falsehoods.

The allegations are a complete fabrication, and I will be making a police report.

The article also mentions a number of other things that were supposedly discussed – most of them are either completely untrue, or half truths, and misleading.”

You may view the Law Minister’s original post here.

Earlier today (Oct 22), States Times Review published a news report highlighting that the Presidency candidacy law lumped Eurasian Singaporeans as Indians.

Over online, Minister K Shanmugam suffered brickbats and criticisms, especially from Eurasian Singaporeans and it is understandable he is finding a scapegoat to cover up his embarrassment .

The use of defamation law suits and abuse of the Singapore police are common political tools used by the government elites to oppress criticism.

Editor’s note:
States Times Review report news without fear or favour, and will not entertain the Lawless Minister. States Times Review operates under laws of the Australia government, K Shanmugam is welcome to sue us under the Australian judiciary. As a Law Minister, resorting to police reports and lawsuit threats as the first response to criticisms speaks volume about the sad state of political affairs in Singapore.