A Singapore national table tennis player from China, Li Hu, is now under investigations by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) for allegedly match-fixing. Li Hu has since been suspended from the national team and was evicted out from the government-sponsored hostel in Toa Payoh.

When interviewed by the media, Li Hu expressed remorse and asked to be given a second chance.

Being unable to speak in English, Li Hu’s media response is translated as follow:

“I made a mistake – everyone does. I’m genuinely sorry and I’m willing to admit my wrongdoing. I just hope that the STTA will give me a chance. I want to continue playing for Singapore and I can still play for many years. I believe I still have a lot to contribute to Singapore table tennis and can help bring more glory to the country.

My time in Singapore has not been without results. I’ve been here for so many years and this is where I had always intended to stay. I definitely never had the intention to call it a day.”

The Singaporean new citizen table tennis player insisted that he did not break the law.

28-year-old Li Hu arrived in Singapore from Hubei China on 2010, and received his Singaporean citizenship in 2011, under the Singapore government’s directive to “purchase” Olympic medals.

Li Hu won a Bronze medal in a duo team match during the 2014’s Commonwealth Games, and other medals in the Asian Games in Incheon Korea and Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The new citizen draw a full-time salary and has his accommodation covered. All new citizens are excused from National Service and military training.