The Land Transport Authority (LTA), and the two duopoly public transport companies, SMRT and SBS Transit, published their own joint-press release today (Oct 14) claiming that buses are now less crowded during peak hours.

Without providing any evidence or figures, the 3 government entities made the pompous claim on state media Channel News Asia (CNA) and even congratulated the government for a S$1.1 billion bus-purchase policy which they claimed are effective.

However, Singaporeans responded poorly to the propaganda news countering that the government has again lied to make itself look good. The Singapore Press Holdings rank 154th in press independence.

As of today, only a total of 65 new bus services were introduced as compared to the promised 80 new bus services. 820 buses were deployed, still a 180 shortfall from the promised 1,000 new bus.

Launched in 2012, the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) is a S$1.1 billion tax-funded transport policy that gives away 1,000 new buses to privately-listed companies SMRT and SBS Transit.

The legalised corruption costed S$1.1 billion in taxes without Parliament’s approval, mooted by fired-Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew. The current LTA chief, a former navy admiral, Chew Men Leong has tendered his resignation, and the new LTA CEO will be another army general, Ngien Hoon Ping, was appointed the cushy position.