Photo of Lim Swee Say from Jason Quah Today

Speaking at an employment dialogue yesterday (Oct 8), Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say talked down more than 50 fresh grads at the session telling them not to be “too picky” when job hunting.

Minister Lim Swee Say claimed that fresh graduates in Singapore will always able to find jobs, and when they can’t, it is only because they are picky:

“I will be frank. However many good jobs we create in Singapore, however many good careers, there will always be competition. We will create an exciting future for you, but it will also be a challenging one. Don’t be too picky in the job hunt. You’re just sitting there waiting for the perfect job, but what if it doesn’t come? Will you just sit there? The longer you stay out of employment, the harder it is to come back.”

The Manpower Minister then wax lyrical about himself being a very good example, where he first started as a software engineer before moving to the Economic Development Board and eventually become a Minister today.

“Those who will succeed are those who see every problem as an opportunity.”

According to the latest employment statistics in June 2016, the unemployment rate of graduates hit a 7-year-high at 4.3%.