A SBS Transit MRT platform door at Sixth Avenue station broke off this morning (Oct 4) during peak hours around 7.19am. The entire Downtown Line (DTL) was disrupted affecting employees and students sitting for PSLE and N-Level examinations which were due to start at 8.15am.

It is unknown how many students were affected by the breakdown, but the Ministry of Education issued an advisory note saying students affected by the breakdown should go to the nearest school near them if they could not make it to the exam in time.

Public transport operator SBS Transit blame a signalling fault for causing the platform door to break off, which is believed to have hit the side of a train. There is no response from the Transport Ministry and Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

This is the second high profile train breakdown incident in a single week following the day-long outage at Bukit Panjang LRT line.