Photo from the Straits Times Ng Sor Luan

A new citizen from China who managed a sleazy massage parlour offering sexual services was jailed 4 weeks on Monday (Oct 3) for offering bribe to a police assistant superintendent (ASP).

On April 14, 2016, three police officers acted on a tip-off of a massage parlour offering sexual services and keeping the unused condoms in the letter box. Zhu Kuai, 42, offered a S$10,000 bribe to ASP Chan Wai Hoong at a level 4 massage parlour shop at Fortune Centre. After evidence of sexual activities was found in the letter box of her massage parlour, she repeatedly made the offer despite having being warned and ignored by the police officer. According to court hearing, she said in Mandarin:

“I give you ten thousand dollars. Ten thousand dollars you don’t bring me back.”

Zhu Kuai was also found guilty for abetting to offer sexual services under the Massage Establishment Act. However media reports did not cover what was her punishments.

The Singapore new citizen has two children in Singapore and is believed to have obtained her Singapore Permanent Residency as a massage lady during the 2007 period where the government was particularly lax on immigration policies.